The Implementation of Foreign Investment law in Saudi Arabia


  • Wasan Khaled Alhagas Dar Al-Hekma, Jeddah, KSA
  • Moodhi Abdulrahman Alhenaki Dar Al-Hekma, Jeddah, KSA



Saudi Arabia, Investment Law, Foreign investment, Vision2030, Economy


This research paper explores the implementation of Saudi Arabia's Foreign Investment Law and its impact on businesses and individuals. It examines the country's efforts to develop its economy through domestic and foreign investment in line with Vision 2030 and analyzes the law's effects on the Saudi Arabian market. The paper also considers the impact of foreign investment on individuals and the implementation of corporate income tax laws. Finally, the government's investment, particularly the Public Investment Fund (PIF), is discussed. The research shows that the Foreign Investment Law has facilitated foreign investment in the country, creating new opportunities for businesses and individuals. Although there are still challenges to be addressed, the study concludes that the law and the government's commitment to economic development provide a favorable environment for foreign investment, benefiting both businesses and individuals. The PIF is key in driving the country's economic development and diversification efforts.




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Wasan Khaled Alhagas, & Moodhi Abdulrahman Alhenaki. (2023). The Implementation of Foreign Investment law in Saudi Arabia. PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF LAW, ANALYSIS AND WISDOM, 2(1), 1–26.